Hyrkanian - Turanian Names


It's always nice to have character names that sound like the culture they're supposed to represent. Nothing ruins a moment like when the GM introduces the evil Russian general Bob Smith.

In any case, Hyrkanians and Turanians are supposed to be the ancestors of the Mongols, and the Conan rules suggests using Mongolian names for them. Since I happen to be playing a Hyrkanian nomad, I did some research on the 'Net. The links below are what I found.




Hope these help.
Thanks for the links. Mongols, yes, but also Arabs, Turks, Iranians, etc., and Howard's Hyrkanian names include all of those. Here are some suitable ones from his other stories: Bahadur, Jallad, Kassar, Khoda Khan, Shaibar, Togrukh Khan, Yakub, Yarghouz Barolass, Yaruktash, Yurzed
There was a thread about names a few months back, and one poster shared a very helpful website. It's a baby name site, that one can view names from not only all cultures, but from historic periods. VERY helpful, and where I get my npc names from.

I've got the link at home, I'll try to remember to re-post.
I've always found the following site to be helpful in creating character names;

Here it is:


I'd give credit to the guy who posted this, but am too lazy to dig it up.