Hyperion Particle Beams


I have some confusion over the firing arc of the Tri-Linked Fusion Beams on the Hyperion series of ships. You have them listed as Boresighted, but the show depicts them as turret mounted, as does the Ship Design Sheets from the Babylon 5 Wars game. I know that this does not mean it is right, but most of your ships seem to be pulled directly from B5 Wars. There is entirely too much similarity for it to be otherwise. Does this mean that putting the Tri-Linked Fusion Beams as a Boresighted weapon was a mistake, or was it a conscious choice on the part of your designers? I am going to have them be turreted, but I am curious as to your intent.


It does seem very strange. Mind you, they did the same thing with the particle beams on the Omegas, mounting the twelve beams fore/aft instead of starboard/port. Didn't make any sense to me; I ignore the fire arcs they use in this game and just use the AOG B5W charts. They seem considerably better thought out.