Hyborian Armies


For those of you more knowing than I, could someone give me a run down on what an army in the hyborian age woulod look like (not pictures), troop concentrations, ranks, organization. That sort of stuff. MAinly intrested in the western Hyborian nations (Aquilonia, Nemedia, Koth, Ophir, etc.)

Point me toward real world equvilents if you want.
The gazetteer in the back of the rulebook has at least a beginning for info.

At a glance, most of the information you ask for is included at least for a nation as detailed in REH's writing as Aquilonia.
The standard army configuration for Hyborian armies, from reading Howard, seems to be built around a heavily armoured center, composed of knights (nobles); this is the strongest section.

On either side and in front of the center are the wings. The wings are composed of lesser cavalry (soldiers) that are supported by infantry (soldiers or commoners) and archers (soldiers). The wings move in advance of the centre. Aquilonia is the only Hyborian nation to really understand the use of infantry, and uses Gunderland Pikemen and trained swordsmen. Other Hyborian nations use barely trained or completely untrained conscripts or they spend the money on mercenaries; they do not see the point in training infantry, they are nothing but fodder.

The archers fire, then the infantry is ordered in. Archers continue firing as the infantry move in. As the infantry closes with the enemy, the archers lift their aim to fire at the back ranks of the foe so as to avoid killing their own soldiers.

The cavalry units move in next, followed by the knights on their powerful horses.

I don't have any real world examples as I am not a military expert. But that is how Howard describes most of the battles.
And don't forget soldiers breed like rabbits.

When Conan loses 5000 knights, the cream of his cavalry, 100 pages later he suddenly has another 5000 to lose. Same thing with his Gunderman pikemen and his Bossonian archers. Lose 10000 or 20000? No problem. Let's just wait two months and replacements roll in, as skilled and fierce as those who died :roll:
Well, Conan does rule a country the size of France. All he has to do is send out the order, and his barons and counts must field troops for him.