Hyborian Age Online Game


I am planning on running a Hyborian Age game online using OpenRPG. I don't have a time frame for starting yet but I wanted those of you who might be intrested to think about a character.

I will be running an open ended campaign built upon unconnected Adventures with no set group/party. I will model the adventures after the way in which REH wrote his Conan Stories (jumping around during thier careers). Each adventure will be created to be run in three to four online sessions with with one to four players/characters. The character levels will range from 1st thru 20th. Not every character will participate in every game/adventure but I will expect you to finish each adventure that you start.

Anyone who may be intrested should start thinking about a character. Each character should be original, well thought out with a good but not thuroughly detailed background (I will need room to customize things for each character). If you want to get a jump start all characters will need to be stated out at the following levels 1st, 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 16th compleat with a general background for the character at the given levels. If the character is multiclassed give me a background for the level in which the multiclass took place and circumstances surrounding it.

Don't post characters here if you wish to send me a character make sure it is a pdf or a word document don't send it as text in an e-mail send it to

Make sure that you have Hyborian Age Online in the subject or it will be deleted and please include your TimeZone or Country and what times, days you would be available for play.

If you have any questions please post them here.
rook111 said:
If you have any questions please post them here.

I'm interested, but have little knowledge of OpenRPG. Is it similar to a chatroom style of setup, where players will have to coordinate a time to play, or is it more of a message board or e-mailed system?
Open Rpg is a Chat style Program with extensive functinality for Roleplaying, there are dice rollers and Online Character sheets which streamline the mechanical aspect of the game. Yes it does require all players to be online at the same time. In many ways its like a table top game but with out having to be in the same room, city, state, country, etc.

The Program is free and you can check out more about it here

rook111 said:
Yes it does require all players to be online at the same time. In many ways its like a table top game but with out having to be in the same room, city, state, country, etc.

Thanks for the info and the link. Any idea what time slot you would be planning on doing this? Day, hour, time zone?
It will vary, depending on the adventure and who will be playing. Most of the games will probably be played on a week night (I'm located in the central time zone of the US) from 7:00PM Central until 11:00PM Central. The day(s) will depend on Who is going to be playing in that specific Adventure and how long that adventure is planned (I am looking at most adventures to require at least 2-3 sessions). Each adventure will have from 1-4 players chosen by me to participate and when that adventure is over the next adventur may have the same players at different periods of thier careers or may have a compleatly different set characters. A lot dependon how many intrested players I get. Some of the Intrested players are in the UK for them I will run adventures on early morning weekends (mostly sundays) so they won't have to stay up til 3 or 4 in the morning.
I'd be open/interested, would like more details and since I don't yet own the Conan RPG, what availability do you have to make a pc for me? I'd like to try it out. I'm well versed with OpenRPG and you may have seen me on the forums or servers.
I have had to rethink my original plans for my Online Hyborian Game. I would still like to run one but I will only be able to run it on a weeknight and since I am located in the US that means that It would be awfully hard for the UK/Europeans to participate but with other game I'm running another weekend game is out of the question.

Anyway i know how difficult it is to create a concept for a character much less one which is fleshed out at several different level so I have changed My campaing plan to follow a more traditional one.

Anyone who is intrested in Joining into my Hyborian age game should go ahead and create a character using the following guidelines and send him to me at rook111@gt.rr.com Please include the week night and times you would be willing to play. I am located in texas so I use the Central Time zone and am available from 7:00Pm on Monday thru Friday for games. Games will be played using OpenRPG a free roleplaying program.

Character Creation Guidelines
All characters Submited should be on the Offical Conan Form which can be obtained from the Mongoose Conan Webpage download section. A non-colored printer friendly version is available from me on request and is also be availble from Red Tulwars site. Please Do not submit a character on any other sheet or form.

I trust you so you can generate your ability scores using either method from the book (4d6 drop lowest or 1d10+8 for each ability)

All races and classes from the rulebook are exceptable. No conversions or home mades please.

Create a Character of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th level. Only one character need be submited so make sure you like the character.

Submit a Background for the character with enough detail to account for his/her level. Include reasons for the character to have left his homeland for a life of adventure. The time period in which this game will be set is the early years of Conans career prior to the later events of Queen of the Black Coast. Conan himself will not appear any forseeable role in this seris of adventures. Note that I pretty much run an REH only as a resource game and I tend to follow the Darkstorm timeline of his life (which can be found here http://www.dodgenet.com/~moonblossom/Conancron.html ) it just make more sense to me.

I would like to be able to run my first adventure by the third week of March.

Each adventure will be relitivly selfcontained and will only have from 1-3 players and take only one or two sessions to play. If you aren't in the first adventure don't fret your character could very well be the central character of the next one.

Get me those characters if you want to adventure in the Hyborian age and can't do it at home.
I have space for one or two more players in an ongoing Hyborian Age Game using OpenRPG.

So far I have two players a Bossonian Archer (played by Cartmag a frequent visitor and poster to these boards) and a Wild Barbarian Swordswoman from Nordheim (she's played by our very own Lando the Archmagi) who have compleated the first part of my Shadows of Vengeance adventure in two sessions.

If you want to Join make up a character levels 2-6 (your choice of level)and send him to me at rook111@gt.rr.com

We are playing on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm central time.