I'm sure we've all seen the maps with Hyboria overlaying regions of today's Europe. Is there something similar done with Thuria of the King Kull tales? I'd just like to be able to collate Thurian areas.
Nowhere have I ever seen an official map doing so.

I myself worked one up for my own campaigns.

Maps used:
I used the Kull map included in the 1978 Bantam edition of Kull (the 1967 Lancer map was just not good enough by far). Plus I used the Marvel Kull map (Kull the Conqueror Vol. 3 #1, 1983) for general reference.

I looked over the Kull map and determined the size of the map based on the following factors:

1) The Zhemri Mountains west of Grondar and north of World's End had to be placed in or around Zamora, as the Zhemri were the ancestors of the Zamorans;
2) Thule needed to be placed on or around the area where Iceland would be (this for mythological purposes);
3) The Lost Lands would be placed in or around where Shem and Stygia would be (this because the inland sea just east of the Lost Lands would fit about where the deserts of eastern Shem would be found, and the lands south of the Lost Lands were generally where the "pre-human" civilization that predated Stygia was found);
4) I completely ignored the references on the map as to where Atlantis and Lemuria were placed. That would make the kingdom of Valusia about the size of Europe alone!

I then printed out a copy of the German Thuria map that is available on this site:


This map gives a good view of the size of both the Eurasian and Thurian continents imposed on each other.

I sized it to fit the Kull map in the scale that I wanted the two to match. And it worked perfectly!

Here's what I got:

Thule is north and west of Vanaheim; remember in this time the world is much warmer, so Thule is in a sub-arctic if not temperate zone.

Commoria falls on the border between Vanaheim and Asgard.

Kamelia is in northern Cimmeria/southern Vanaheim; I figure this is where the Atlanteans colonized in the time after Kull.

Valusia falls almost co-equal with Aquilonia, and is about the same size; in fact, the City of Wonders is almost exactly where Tarantia is! The western spur jags into the Pictish Wilderness just north of Zingara.

Farsun is almost perfectly within the Zingg Valley; perhaps the undifferentiated tribe that formed the core of the Zingaran peoples were savage descendants of the people of Farsun.

Verulia falls in Argos and northwestern Shem.

Zarfhaana runs from southern Hyperborea through the Border Kingdom and Nemedia all the way into Ophir.

Grondar is in Brythunia and Corinthia; I designated this "Western Grondar," as the Grondar people were nomadic, like the Hyrkanians, and their people wander far east past the World's End.

The Zhemri Mountains fall in south eastern Zamora, in the southern Kenzakian Mountains.

Thurania falls smack-dab in the middle of Koth.

The Lost Land and "Lost Sea" fall into south central Shem/northern Stygia and western Shem/western Stygia respectively.

I also combined it with the map of Nyumbani (Charles Saunder's Imaro series) and used Nyumbani as the origins of the Black Kingdoms. The myths work well together (including evil invaders from the seas), and the maps fit perfectly, down to the Isle of Tanala meshing exactly with the unnamed isle south of the Black Kingdoms (Madagascar, in our own times). Nyumbani's "Cush," "Meroe," "Darfar," and "Punt" fall to the east of their Hyborean counterparts (perhaps settled by survivors of those lost lands?) "Azania" conforms almost exactly with Zimbabwei (though there is a Nyumbani "Zimbabwei" even further to the south and west), while the "Western City States" range from northern Kush deep into the Black Kingdoms. The "Gulf of Otongi" fits perfectly with the Zarkheba River. The "Great Nyanza Lake" fits with the unnamed lake found south and west of Zembabwei. An altogether excellent, if not actually perfect match.

Oh, and with the Kull and Nyumbani maps combined, there is a region about where Stygia stands, a plateau bound on the far west by a series of mountains, perfect for placing a series of cities of Giant Kings. And when the Cataclysm strikes, and the mountains crumble, the plateau falls, and the earth under the inland sea to the east rises, and sends a torrential flood through the region, carving out a long basin exactly where the Nilus flows...

Added Note: Nyumbani information can be found here:


Including the map I mentioned. Atlas Games "Nyambe" setting is somewhat similar...