Huge SST lot for sale




I got this in a trade from the owner of my local game shop. I would love to keep this but I live in a very rural part of Northern California where nobody even plays Warhammer, so I have no one to play it with. I am not going to split this lot up because I don't have the time or energy, it is the most complete one I can find on the internet right now. Everything is in good condition, the only thing that is missing is one of the middle arms from the Mantis Hunter. Theres a couple minis that need their legs or whatever glued back on but most of it is assembled pretty well. A lot of it is primed black and about 20 of the Arachnid Warriors are painted pretty amateurishly so I ould personally strip and repaint them. All the Veteran Cap Troopers have a base paint of grey and blue, the Pathfinders are primed black. All the Mobile Infantry soldiers have the heavier armor which is pretty cool.

Thanks for looking hope you buy it!
Still for sale, if anyone wants to do it outside of ebay I will accept $950 through walmart money transfer and pay for shipping myself, if you are out of the US I will charge $50.

I begin to see your problem It's a bit of a toughie, isn't it. You might want to lower your asking price a little; if they were all fully painted to a good wargaming standard then your price might just be justified. As they are, I probably wouldn't want to go much over $250 - there would be far too much work needed on them.