How To Play Traveller RPG Online With Roll20

I think the largest obstacle to Traveller in Roll20 is the terrible isometric maps that Mongoose has decided to use to support this current edition.
I am using isometric deckplans in roll20. I would like 2d deckplans as an alternative. But why can't you use the isometric ones? You can set up the scale accordingly and deactivate the grid for player tokens. That way player tokens can move on the isometric deckplan. It also works with dynamic lighting to hide rooms nobody is in.
It isn't impossible, but I think they are less ideal than 2d maps. To me they are cluttered, and objects like bunks can obscure grid spaces to their left. I'd like clean, 2d maps, without room numbers or the like on them for VTT play.
I second that! I currently have a Pirates of Drinax campaign runnint on Roll20 and could use deck plans that integrate neatly in to the software. I know, there are deck plans for core book and HG2 ships, but it's a pain to extract them into a usable format and implement them into Roll20. Doing this for Deepnight later on would be as painfull again.