How fast does it go?

Ok, I have flipped through my buddies copy of B52E and... I can't find any stat block that tells how fast anything moves in the ship department. Can someone help me out here? I am sure I am glossing over something, and we are all pouring over the book like starving men at a banquet, but I need a pointer please :)
B5 ships move at the speed of plot according to jms. ;)

Actually, the Galaxy book has a speed estimation table, IIRC.

The old galaxy guide? And I truly want to know why i twas left out. That seems... Well it seems like a ploy making us have to buy something different... And makes it sort of hard to play space battles as is doesn't it?
I just looked through the galactic guide and couldn't find anything regarding travel time in hyperspace. It does list a chart of speeds in realspace though.

Normally I don't stay after it, but in this case I am completely annoyed. What's the deal with this? Can I get an official call out for this one? I mean what the heck did we spend the money for if its a puzzel box?

/end rant

Sorry guys, but this really irritates me unless I am just being blind and can't find something in the book.
As far as I can see, chases follow the usual maneuver rules: You try to close in with Close For Battle orders and try to excape with Pull Back orders. No need for actual speeds.

Under the new rules ships have a handling rating. This rating is derived in ship construction from the amount of engine spaces a ship has. If you are are conducting a narrative chase, then use the handling ratings to determine the relative speeds of the ships. If the chase is using the combat rules then simply use the maneuvers as suggested above. After all ships in space don't really have speeds, just accellerations. Although the galaxy guide did put top speeds on ships due to micrometeor collisions and stress on the ships hull, but that varied by race not by ship.
While the ship construction rules provide a method for determining the handling rating, the ships in Ships of the Galaxy don't follow those rules. Many of them have ratings twice or more above what the rules say you can have. I reconcile this by adding a new ship quality called Improved Handling, and just use that as a catchall for why some ships break the rules. It also allows me to design ships that exceed the limits of the ship construction rules.