Horned God

FRP games lists a "Horned God" re-release for Sept.
Is this an actual product or was it scrapped. I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the Mongoose site.
That seems new.

The 3.5 edition. That's sounds to me a awful lot like a new Slaine RPG book is coming out. Can't really be sure though.

Mongoose haven't said any thing about it as far as I can see.

The four in one book, looks great though.

As I am two books short ( 'Ragnorok' & 'The Way of the Horned God.) and that Mongoose ahd annouced some time ago that the first edition books are now out of print and dwindling in supply.

I'll be e-mailing the manangement people here to find out more.

In the meantime here is a collection of the current Slaine products.
Just scroll downwards until you see Slaine.

I found yet another reference to this mystery-book:


The plot thickens....
Perhaps the roleplaying game is afoot, Watson!
Those of you that are in favor of a revival of the Slaine RPG. might find this e-mail that I received from Matthew Sprange interesting.

Hi there,

We are not working on the Horned Lord at this time. However, we are
seriously looking at a new edition of Slaine, using the new RuneQuest

Hope that helps!

Not sure I am keen with this. After buying all the other Slaine products and nothing coming out for what seems like eternity hmm, I dunno a book on The Fomorians or a nice book on the Norseman? I don't know if I could spend more cash on another version of Slaine without knowing that there would be a solid series of books to follow. Guess time will tell?
think the thing is 2000Ad is a brilliant licence andif mongoose dont you it they will at some stage lose it so a new slaine makes sense :twisted:
I was wondering if this four in one book is still available.

I think I might like to order one. Seeing As I missed out on the last two books.
the adventure in 4 parts is brilliant but matt has said it will be released in hardback but that was some time ago will ask at salute 8)