Honest Opinion - 2nd edition


I have DM'ed D&D 3.0 since it came out. Got so bored with hack and slashing, dungeons-crawling, exp and treasure hording players that I eventually convinced them to play Call of Cthulhu, BRP version.

But this .. CONAN!!!! All I have read and seen make me want to gobble it up now. REH ... I have loved him since I was a kid and got a hold of the ACE paperbacks. This game looks soooo good.

But, I have a dilemna. Should I:

1. Wait till Road of Kings comes out and order all three available books.
2. Wait until the second edition comes out and order all of them then.

Of course, the quality of the errata and the 2nd edition availability date are big variables in that equation, and, if anyone could help me out with those values, I would also appreciate it.

I am so pumped about this, I think I need some private time.

Thanks in advance.
Begin now. Despite the ruckus over proofreading and organization problems the game is immediately playable if you have a passing knowledge of 3.0 D&D.

I'm crazy in love with the game and miss it when we're apart.

You can also join Sons of Cimmeria and get a deep discount on the reprint. (judging by what I've heard, you'll be getting it at cost)
Yup, buy it as soon as possible. By the way - joining Sons of Cimmeria means you'll get some free stuff available only to the owners of the 1st printing books. Plus, the game IS playable (well, that's a bit of an understatement), especially with the Conan FAQ.
Yeah, start now. I believe its unkown when the revised version debuts. Well, that is if you find a copy as it is a popular game/book :wink:
Start now, or you'll have too much reading to do all at once. Buy the first two books now, Conan RPG book and Scrolls of Skelos. By the time you finish reading them (and digesting them - there's a bit of FAQs and Errata to go through for the main book) Road of Kings will be out.

As much as I criticize Mongoose on virtually all their products, I really have to recommend Conan. For me, criticism is a sign that I care... :p

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Buy it now.

The typos are not that bad. Plus the FAQ addresses the important ones and plus you can join the Sons of Cimmeria and get cool freebies.


buy it now.