Homemade GM screen inside?



Anyone have any PDFs, or word docs of any of their B5 (d20) homemade GM screen?
I'm going to use the old Chameleon Eclectic screen for the outside, but figured if anyone had any stuff whipped up I'd ask first.
Maybe we can get a list going of what is needed for the screen, or what we'd like to see.
I didn't realise CE did a screen. Was it any good?

Off the top of my head, I'd like to see the vehicle maneuvers chart (including combat maneuvers), and the a list weapon damages.
I whipped up a homemade outside included the station Diagram from the book and the jumpgate / System map. As well as some rough size compare charts found on the web.

You can see it here . . .

For the inside I didn't really want to do anything until I had the EA source book. One panel I planned to devote to an expanded Skills list with a page # and book ref. Also a couple of DC's for the various Survival / Decompression / Gas / Area Effect attack saves.

I felt one panel should also be set up for Space combat. A manueveres table with DC's / Speed Chart mods / Some Ship names and Page Ref numbers. A list of common weapons on space ships and damages. Also the bonuses for various manuvers like evasive action, running silent, targeting run, etc.

Two interior panels I was hoping to have a Chart with a B5 personality name followed by stats, and some key words for how to play them. Like Ivonnava - stern, sharp, quick, hate psi-corp, etc . . . Hand held weapons table. An armor Table with the various DR's. A list of B5 Sectors and common Locations would be nice as well as the security team response time to each.

Some Thoughts,
The outside of your screen looks exceptionally nice.