[Homebrew] Scholar only feat ...


Whilst thinking about Conan characters, I noted that there are a multitude of feats for combat but relatively few for Scholars. I thought that I would have a go so here is a new feat idea, just for Scholars.

Prerequisits: Scholar 6, Charisma 13+
Benefits: The scholar can conjour from thin air, a statement so
astonishing, that the listeners must stop and think about it.

Listeners must make a Wis save against a target of 10 +
Scholars Level + Charisma bonus. A success will mean the
listener is not interested or the statement has passed
completely over his head. A failure will mean the listener must
stop any offensive action and think about the content of the
statement for Charisma bonus rounds. Thus giving the Scholar
time to either formulate a better plan, or run.

Any feedback?

Iron_Chef said:
I'd like to see some examples of what these statements could be... :?

Aaah ... my intent was for the Statement to be something astonishing based on the Knowledgeable readings and background of the individual Scholar ... a role-play opportunity for the player perhaps.

In other words, I haven't thought that far ahead. And why not make it the players own invention?