My PCs are currently wandering in the Kezankian Mountains trying to find their way into Zamora.

I want to have them meet up with a band of wild Hillmen. I'm not sure how to stat these guys out. Specifically, I'm not sure what race to use. I think the Road of Kings refers to them as "Aboriginal." Should I just punt and use "Picts on the Warpath" from the Creatures chapter?
I run an adventure through the keznkians also. I made the hillmen just like picts. I used those stats for picts on the warpath, but also gave them bonuses to jump and climb. In pirate isles there is a combat maneuvre to fall on your enemies from the rigging above, I provided the kezankian hillmen with this, to give them some amazing tactics in the mountains (they fell on the player characters from their hiding places on higher rocks). The books say they are vary territorial, so I gave them a speacial hatred for turanian horsemen that constantly ride zamoran lands. This last was because there is an hyrkanian nomad among the pcs, and of course for the kezankian barbarians there is no difference between hyrkanian or turanian!!!