High Frontier

Lane Shutt

After picking this new supplement apart for a few days I can say it is an excellent addition to the A:2089 line.

Although I have not read much of the fluff I can say the rules and design add a whole new dimension to the game. Obviously the supplement deals mostly with aircraft and space operations but there can be some cross over to other aspects of the game.
One of the prestige classes is an expert in operating UAVs. Imagine a Mech or Armored company with full time combat and recon UAV support.
There are also expanded rules for purchasing satellite networks and accessing networks without a contract.
The equipment section also includes some gear that could be useful in a Warmech.

Unfortunately there a few flaws but overall it is worth picking up.
The typical editing problems.
A few rules that I feel work but are incorrect.
A few rules I have not been able to locate yet.
What I feel are problems with aircraft speed.
I will address the flaws in future posts.