Hi, I'm new and linkage to batrep


Hi folks,

My first post :)

I'm new to this game, after a long run of 40k I need a change and this looks like the ticket.

I did notice a B5:ACTA batrep in the latest Fictional Reality e-zine. I very entertaining read...check it out:


Ooopss...looks like someone else already linked the Fictional Reality batrep...sorry for the redundant post :p
Welcome to the game. If your wanting any advice about it, just ask. Some of the forum members will be along at somepoint to answer it and no doubt a furious debate may erupt. But you will get answers.

Pirates arn't mandatory either.
Thanks guys,

Just got a few Centauri minis the other day....I've almost completed the Crovan and started a Maximus. Wow, the minis bigger then I expected, but cool none the less.

I'm looking into getting a "Space" felt mat to play on. Do you think a 4'x8' mat is excessive. or will a standard 4'x6' do?

I'm thinking of getting a mat from here:

Does anyone know of any other mat vendors to check into?

4'x8' is certainly large. However if you have the space, go for it. You can always fold it down to 4'x4' or 4'x6' for the smaller skirmishes and battles, but it there for when you decide to go for huge games. The mat looks pretty great too.

Another company (they do vinyl mats) is Chessex

Or an alternative, you could just buy a large piece of black felt/vinyl from a fabric shop.
I have two space mats from a company called "Monday Knight Productions" that are 4x6, they're available for about $35 if I recall, and are very nice.
You can get them from a vairety online retailers, but my local game shop was also able to order them for me.
If you are the do-it-yourself type you can just go to the fabric store and get a huge piece of material to make your own. There's a several types of material that I'd think would work... I use a sort of heavy cloth (not quite canvas). Start with the basic black and then "flick" some white paint (suggest cloth paint) on it. Instant starfield.
Thanks to all for the advise. I desided to go a slightly different route. I've picked up 3 pices of 2' x 4' MDF board. I'll paint them black and do that white/silver/red paint flicks thing....I'll let you know how I make out.

btw, almost finished painting the first 3 ships of my Centauri fleet...I'll post some pics soon.