Heretic of Tarantia - Out This Week

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 4:12 am Post subject: Heretics of Tarantia


GregLynch wrote:
I hope you like Heretics of Tarantia as well.

I think its great! I like how simplestic the module is presented leaving the DM free to be creative. Its great on it own but it also offers a lot of versatility which is cool for an event driven module. Good twists and NPC's as well.

I don't know why but it made me think of the old DnD module "The Veiled Society" (Great potential plots for the use of Guilds and Politics) probably because I ran that one in a Conan campaign last year. Heretics also has the mystery, secret sect, and uses religious strife (which I love as a plot device) in place of the class wars of "The Veiled Society".

Also thought it could be dropped in any land or any realm by mearly changing the names of the gods and other aspects.

Being simplistic it only as two maps so DM's might need a back up maps handy but once again any generic setting the scenario calls for will do and the maps are included are the neccesary ones and looked good athough I always appreciate scale on a map.

The ole 5'-10' square grid always helps me out and maybe I need to pull out ROK to get dimensions on the city of Tarantia but pound for pound another excellent module.

Really looking forward to more adventures of this caliber. Scarlet Citidel, Hour of the Dragon would rule, Queen of the Black Coast, God in the bowl and some others where the main adversaries are not Stygian.

Not that I dont love Stygians!!!