Here is a current campaign using Lone Wolf

Hey guys. Here is a report from the campaign that I am in that uses both the core WOTC d20 rules, along with the Avatar Master Class books and the Lone Wolf books currently produced. In addition, the Wheel of Time RPG materials and characters are also involved.

The world in question is an world overrun by evil, where the Darklords slaughtered all of the Kai and now control almost three of the four continents under their thumb. Sommerlund is down to two cities, Holmgard and Holmgren, and clerics of the good deities (using the Faerunian Pantheon with some changes like Kai as a combination of Aumanator and Lathander, Naar as a combination of Shar and Bane, and Ishir as a combination of Selune and Mystra) are few and far between, and they are either low level or have fallen prey to the forces of the Darklords, who prepare for an attack by using one of the Doomstones to corrupt an area in the name of Naar, and block clerical access to magic. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, the remaining Sommerlund Knights, and a small dwarven clan made up of the royal family of dwarves are the only remaining defenders (plus the regular army) against the onslaught of the Darklords. The Shog'ash in Southern Magnumand has joined forces with the Darklords (read half-fiend great black dragon, and that has enough capability to fight and defeat any one or two of the Darklords as they currently stack), and the vile Shianti renegade Shasarak fights to keep his control of Shadaki and its subject countries. Telchos remains the only free country of Southern Magnumand, due to the massive desert and the rabid defenders of its lands.

The third continent is unknown, but appears to completely overrun with evil. The continent our current party is on is the only one to have any type of organization or major territory left, and the Darklords have not approached it (yet.) However, a great necromancer from the North has raised the bones of a great gold dragon into the form of a dracolich, and had used this and her hordes of gibberlings and intelligent packs of velociraptors and deninonychus backed by foul magic to besiege the good kingdoms on the fourth continent of Aon. I have picked up the flag of the Kai after progressing in 5 levels of psychic warrior, and we quest to gain all seven lorestones, the Book of the Magnakai, and the Sommerswerd to rescue Sommerlund and destroy the Darklords.

Gaming report: The combination of psychic warrior and Kai Lord is a heady one. With the feats focus and psychic warrior's ability to increase their stats, combined with the bonus to saves Healing, Huntsmanship, and Mindshield provide, you can easily surpass monks for sheer cheese. However, the abilties the Kai provide make up for the loss of feats as you take that class. I'll post more results after Saturday's next session. All in all, the class combo is fairly balanced, especially with having a paladin/anointed knight and a mystic theurge with me, and we are all at 10 the level. I am a 5th level psychic warrior/5th level Kai Lord.
Hi Stormcrow the White Wolf Welcome to the pack!

Sounds like you have an interesting campaign going there, and it would be good to see some more info on the other continents you have created. Let us know how your game goes. :)