hatchets and hand axes



How do you calculate AP for them when you throw them? Is it the same as a melee attack? what if the weapon has two AP numbers?
My understanding of the hatchet is that it keeps its AP of 1 when thrown, but that the AP is reduced by 1 for each range increment after the first ( as per the note on the bottom of the weapon chart ).

As for weapons with two AP numbers, maybe I missed something but which weapons are those?
I don't have the book in front of me, maybe there was just a astrix next to the ap for the hatchet and axe. i am playing for the first time tonight and wanted to work out my possible attack options. per haps the * is in regards to the ap dropping by 1? question though if it has a 1 at the first range and drops to 0 at the second, it can no longer do AP right? once it goes to zero the rules say no str bnus to AP. Or does the total AP drop?
The AP is 1 plus strength whether used in melee or thrown.

BTW: Check out this movie of a 50' Hatchet throw. In d20 terms that's a throw at maximum range, -8 to hit. You can totally feel the impact!