Has anyone else noticed


that none of the NPC's presented in the Free Companies seem to use any of the new feats presented in that book? Seems a bit strange.
And speaking of the feats in the Free Companies has anyone noticed the huge disparity in power between say, Disciple of Archery(not real usefu) and say Disciple of Infantry is one of the best feats in the game. Both have the same prerequiste. In fact I would say that, as written, disciple of infantry makes taking a single level in soldier worth while for every class!
I did notice that about the Road of Kings. It makes it look like the feats were tacked on at the last minute.
Haven't gotten Free Companies over here in the States (or at least my local game store hasn't) but I've said this before and I'll say it again: Archery is always underpowered in RPGs. So far conan isn't any different, but I've grown to expect it. It's an engine developed around a close combat concept, so arrows dropping people in one shot at 100 yards isnt' palatable. Neither is it good story telling, necessarily.

Having said that, I'd say look it over with a more scrutinizing eye and see if there isn't some sort of subtlety to the class; some kind of vague combo that's not obvious right away.