HARP RPG credit for D20 trade-ins



Check it out: www.harphq.com

The folks at ICE are now offering a discount on the HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) RPG for trading in your old and/or otherwise unwanted D20 products. It's a pretty decent deal on an awesome system that I've used to great effect with the equally awesome Conan OGL books.

HARP's system, combined with Mongoose's Conan setting info, combined to produce one of the very best campaigns in my twenty year RPing history - and I've seen some good campaigns. My group tried to use Conan as written, and though it is an excellent (the best, in fact, as far as I'm concerned) D20/OGL derived ruleset available, we still had a few problems that were difficult to resolve (besides that, some of the players simply disliked D20 too much to be even remotely involved with it - bah!).

Determined, I set to work with the HARP and found the system to be a great fit for Conan. As I mentioned, the campaign was an astounding success. Mind you, this is without the info contained in the eagerly awaited Road of Kings. The next chapter is sure to be even better once I get my hands on Road Of Kings. These are certainly two of the finest product lines introduced in recent memory and they have worked extremely well for us when used in concert.

You can judge this for yourselves, of course - just FYI re: a way to put your crusty D20 stuff to good use.
I didn't want to say it, but I was thinking precisely that.
Only have one good FF sourcebook & that's Enchanted Locations. I like maps. The rest were traded on EBay for far superior products...
Actually the only 2 Fast Forward books that I have that have been put to good use are the Devil Player's Guide and the Demon Wars Campaign setting book. I found that the Gem Master fits perfectly in the current FR campaign I'm designing. I absolutely love the devilish feats from my Devil's Player's Guide and the PrCs will come in quite handy when I need start statting Demon Lords that will be invading the FR when the characters are high enough level to start dealing with them!