happy the £5 book is back

toothill man

the new adventures for conan bring me back to how mongoose started with power classes and supplements like the slayer guides were the quality was amazing for the cost you paid.Via slayer guides is how I got the mongoose bug have a suggestion as the books are roughly mag size if you publish in total 12 or so have found a lnstant use for one of my spare signs binders :wink:

yes high priced books can be great but for example have never had a bubbling issue with a "cheaper"book and for the price of a adventure like say ruins of the dragon lord at £30 could get in theory 6 totally ready to run adventures for conan know were my money will go first 8)

also the bigger slayer guides were good but the gems of the series were always in the smaller books ie harpies,kolbolds :twisted: and the stunning goblins :twisted: 8)
since the man ape peice was brilliant in the new signs could we not have a set of hyborias monsters with a worked out and fully mapped lair and ecology could run after the hyborian beastry or before to give everyone a in depth preview of one monster has anyone got any ideas of what creatures they would like to see 8)
ideas from trawling the main book for conan slayer guides are-

cannibals (like amazons with a bit of hannibal thrown in) a place anywere village of flesh eating humans 8)

ghost snakes and other non set serphants

giant spiders and their web filled lairs(very conan)


anyone else got any ideas