Handling In "Ships of the Galaxy" v "Ship Bui


My "Ships..." just came in and I am a little confused about the Handling values. For instance,

The Delphi has Handling +8, but is Size Large (-1) with 22 engine spaces (+3)
The Explorer has Handling +4 but is Colossal (-4) with 31 engine spaces (+1)
The Hermes has +3 but is Medium (+0) with 4 engine spaces (+2)

In the Ship Builder's Manual, I am only seeing Size and Engine Spaces as modifying handling. Am I missing something? What else modifies Handling. As it is, I don't see that the rules for building a ship match the existng ships.

I'm sure one of the Mongooses mentioned sometime that often mass produced ships don't wquite follow the 'rules' production vessels gain advantages from r&D, etc that one off ships don't.

Such was explicitly stated in the A:2089 MEk construction rules, and similar comments were made about character stats for BEster and the like in the 1st ed B5 RPG/

Handling seems to not follow the table on p.38 of ship builder's. Maybe it has something to do with what kind of engine the ship has and page.38 mentions engine stat modification (none are shown though). The left most column on page 38 also has a sentence cut off in the middle, so maybe there should be more rules there.

Ship builder's manual as it is, say that max Total handling (with extra engine spaces) are +4. No mention of variation by race. But advanced races break that limit regulary on thier ships. Worse are the shadows that have a +18 handling modifier on their cruisers. I know that the Shadows and the Vorlons ships are going to brake the shipbuilding rules, but it would be nice if you could actually use the manual to build a ship that could be as good as an existing ship.
I totally agree.

When I bought the ship builder's manual, I had in mind to create a new shadow-type cruiser to use in my campaign. As it is, I can only use the ones in Ship of the Galaxy. The SBM does not allow us to recreate the ships in SOG.

A good point was raised. Perhaps we could devise some house rules that states a modifier to handling by engine types and race.

Also, I was a little worried when I saw the stats of some ships in SOG. A standard Omega now has two twin linked heavy lasers in the front and none in the back? The Primus has 6!?! battle laser (each 60 off) in the front? Wasn't this 4? Last Sentri fighter now has two separate light particle guns and not a twin-linked one.

Does anybody know if these changes were intentional? :?: