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I’m starting a campaign in the Great Rift with my group, using Flatlined as the first adventure and then continuing outwards into the Island Subsectors. The three adventures that exist seems good and I’m really looking forward to running Deepnight Endeavour!

It would however be great with further adventures for this region. Are there any plans for more Great Rift Adventures? Are there any third party products for this region?

Thanks in advance for any useful tips!

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Good luck with it. Running a traveller campaign is a big undertaking. Several of us are running Pirates of Drinax. Would love to hear from others running something in the Rift.


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You're going to love "Flatlined." I ran it a few months ago and it was a lot of fun. Great way to launch a campaign.

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No third party products that I’m aware of...

There is, however, this:

“Matthew Sprange” said:
Or, we could do a box set of a five year exploration campaign 'beyond' the Great Rift.

From the JTAS Kickstarter - which is by the way looking like it’s gonna be awesome so come aboard everyone :)


msprange said:
I think it inevitable that we will return to the Rift...

I’d love it if you could combine a navy campaign with a Rift campaign. It could be a “prequel” campaign to the PCs getting discharged and starting their careers as free traders.