I wanted to make the Grace rules a little less vague and came up with the following: What do you think?

Using Grace:

*Second Chance: Spend 1 Grace Point to gain 1 re-roll of any type.

*Insight: Use 1 grace point to gain information or insight that can significantly improve your chances of accomplishing the task at hand.

*Destiny: Spend 1 Grace Point in order to gain a special advantage that will help you overcome the current crisis.

*Devine Mercy: Spend 1 Grace Point and your enemies will be certain you are dead and will leave you for the dogs. You must be at the Dying status on the life bar before using this special ability.

Gaining Grace:

*Gain 1 Grace Point every time you gain a level.

*Gain a Grace Point whenever you perform a heroic action.

*Mystics gain 1 Grace Point Per Session but can never have more than 5 Grace Points.

Special Grace Rules;

Mystics may have up to 5 Grace Points saved up at any time, all other classes may only have a maximum of 3. Any Grace Points gained while already carrying the maximum number of Grace Points are lost.

*Mystics may share their Grace with others. When a Mystic shares his Grace, he permently loses that point while the person he/she is sharing with gains that Grace Point.

auto success

if already success, then auto crit

negate a crit

gaining pips of health back on the life bar

sudden plot advancements

coming back from the dead