Got Maps?

Other wargames are useful. B-Tech has a number of useful maps, as does Hvy Gr. You can use the hexes or ignore them as you choose.
Maps so far have been a problem. The main one being range. We have used our D&D heck map with some quickly drawn terrin but having weapons that go 3-10km causes some problems. Engagement ranges of around 1.5-3km seams to be the normal with the group I am running/playing with. As memebers of the military we have all kings of military maps to give you the big picture, 1-25,000 maps of many of the worlds hot spots aren't hard to come by when you have been there. But aqctual battiled maps are harder. Some areas like the sands of Iraq are great tank country, and others like the German borser near K-town are horrible for any sort of armor. With tank ranges being a few hundread meters most of the time at best. So it sort of depends on where you fight, how far the terrian needs to go. A good rule seams to be 3-5 times larger then the normal engagment range to allow room for manuver. We normally use military maps (the have elevation and buildings on them) for all long range work. real terrian is normally better then most things game folks make. Only need to have a smaller map when folks start getting close and tactical or infantry fighting starts happing