Good Paranoia resources!


Hey all, we are about to start new a game this saturday and I like to watch movies and/or anime to get in the mood of games I play. And I was wandering which movies and/or anime are good resouces for Paraonia? The only ones I can think is Logan's Run and 1984 9which someone mentioned to me) but are there any others?
"We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin & "The Machine Stops" by EM Forster. (I was so thrilled I nearly came when I saw them cite We, one of my favourite novels, in the Paranoia core book).

Catch-22, or as I discovered this week at my new job, real life office work, are both great for the pointlessness of bureaucracy and being ordered to do dumb things, not because they make sense but because of paperwork.

Charlie E/N