Gms Needed For Charity Event In April In Cardiff!


Hi there,

My name is Lianne Wilson and I’m looking for GMs for the 2012 Student National Roleplaying and Wargaming competition. As you may know, the Nationals are an annual two-day charity event where universities around the country compete in roleplaying, wargaming and card games. This year the Nationals are taking place at Cardiff University on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April.

Details follow, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask at events AT rawsoc DOT co DOT uk. Please consider sending this to others who may be able to help.


Roleplaying games should aim to run with 6 players and take around 5 hours playing time. The same game is run each day with a different set of players. You’ll need to make pre-generated characters unless character creation is quick and/or integral to play.

As you can see, several of the games categories we need GMs for are very appropriate for Mongoose games. (But you can also run non-Mongoose games too if you want!)

Details of what each category means can be found at this link ( but we are currently mainly looking for:

Doctor Who
Myths and Legends
Star Wars
True Random
Urban Fantasy
Victoriana & Steampunk
Weird and Wibbly
(Old) World of Darkness
(New) World of Darkness

We need about six more GMs, as you can see, and the event is only a month away, so PLEASE consider helping us with this important task. If you think you can help, please send an email to our GM Co-Ordinator, Kieran Harwood, at: kyrionus AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Further Info

As a GM you will also have access to the social side if you wish, with a large get-together of players, organisers and GMs on the Saturday night. The players pay an entry fee for the event, but GMs get in free to the whole weekend. You’ll also get a free Nationals t-shirt and some free and UNIQUE dice. We may even be able to subsidise your travel or accommodation expenses.

Further details, including some available accommodation in Cardiff and more information about the Nationals themselves can be found in our info pack at:

Please remember that this event will raise money for a very worthy charity, so you'll be helping a great cause by lending your time!

Thank you for your time and, again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We hope to see some of you at the Nationals in April!

Lianne Wilson
Nationals 2012 Comms Officer