GM screen


...just picked this up yesterday, and its very nice!!
It is probably the sturdiest screen I've ever had - the boards are the same thickness of one of the hardcover books.
The layout is well organized (just about every DC you could think of is there) and the reverse art is very very sweet.

Great job mongoose!!!

Agree with you - I got mine and I'm very impressed with it too. There's a lot of info on there, but it doesn't feel at all cluttered or overloaded.

GM's screens don't often have the same 'ooooh' factor as a fact book or supplement, but I'd recommend anyone who gets the 2nd Ed book and plans to run the game to get the screen.

Yep. THe Guys at Mongoose Towrers beheld the White wolf Screens and said "That's the way we should make screens"

And so they did
most of the panels deal with skill DC checks, which saves a lot of time looking them up.
There's about a panel and a half of combat DC's and other actions, orders per turn, etc. total of 4-panels in all.

lastbesthope said:
The 2E GM Screen is the best GM screen I have ever bought.


All other Screens should follow this format. I would buy another Conan screen if they made it the same way the Bab 5 screen was made. I hope that if they do a RQ 4 screen it's made in the same manner. Every company needs to follow WW's lead on this and make screens this way to be honest. :D

I have it, the other 2E books are not here though, I have to wait to have them.

The screen is hadback, solid and great.