GM Screen. Your thoughts


Hi guys after running my first night of Conan adventures last night, I realize I really need a GM screen and a players handout with atleast combat options .

I was wondering is someone (Mongoose) is working on this or will we need to make it home brew? If it's the latter, I can work on it. I would love your feedback as to what should be included and perhaps once its done,they can include it in signs and portents or something at a bare minimum, I'd like to make it available to you.

Another thing I like, As I have done in my othe D&D game for myself is to make up cards that explain magic, special abilities and feats. It seems like adding those beyond the character sheet was easy to handle and really helped cut back on constant references to the books. It was especially nice for magic and things you ready so you know what you have and what you have used.

Does anyone know what artwork would be acceptable to use for such a project? I can do my own and may for the GM screen, but for the cards and such it would take me forever.

Thanks and I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.
I have been working on some combat option handouts and was actually wondering if it would be okay to post them here. After all, they give away information in the book...
Oh, That would be sweet. I don't see why not, rules and points of the game are always discussed. I think as long as you are not scanning pages and it is a gaming aid it would be welcome. But what do I know? :?
I personally would buy a GM Screen or be open to seeing one done for Conan. I have one for nearly every other game I own or run. Made plenty of use with the D&D screens over the years.

Perhaps some of the artists on this site would give permission to use their art on it?

Thanks, I just finished pencilling cool drawing from a Rudy Nebres job in Savage Sword, I have done some colorist work for him in the past and will ask him if he minds it being used. That site is a great reference as well. Thanks
OK, I have looked through the book and think I have what will come in handy for the GM. Here is what I have compiled as being relevant on the fly and speed the game along , obviously I can't fit everything in the book, but am tring to choose the most referenced materials. In addition to this I really need clarification on some Combat scenarios, I thnk Yuan Ti is working on that as I am not sure it will fit on this. PLease let me know if there is anything sorely missing or that I can leave out.


Terrain and overland movement 14
Hampered Movement 14
Light Sources and Illumination 14
Type of KNowlege (scholar) 62
Reputation mod (77)
Reputation effects (78)
Opposed Checks (81)
Diff .Class Examples (skills) 81
Narrow surface 86
climb checks 87
concentration checks 88
DC to gather 91
Disable device 93
Restraint (escape artist) 94
Handle Animal 95
Healing (task) 97
Jump Long and high 99
Listen 101
Move silently AC penalty 101
Open Lock 101
Perform 102
Ride 102
Search 103
Sense Motive 104
Sleight of hand 104
Spot 105
Survival 105
swim 106
tumble 106
use rope 107
track 128
Defense value 159
Actions in combat Provoke? 165
Morale Bonus 190
Sorcerers soul 193
runaway magic 195
poisons 232
Detect invisible 296

Melee Attack _ BAB +STR MOD+Size Mod+other

Ranged Attack_BAB+ DEX Mod+Size mod + Range Pen.+other

Defense Value_10 or D20 +size mod+parry or dodge bonus

Dodging_10 or D20 +size mod+dodge bonus

Parrying _10 or D20 +size mod+Parry Bonus

Initiative Check_ D20 + Base Reflex save+Dex Mod.+ Other feats or bonuses

Massive Damage Save DC =10 + 1/2 damage dealt

Grapple Check_ BAB + Str. Mod+ Spec Size mod

whew that was alot, but I appreciate your looking