Giak strength and damage


Just got my copy yesterday, and am working on a campaign for my group. YAY!

Anyway, I was looking at the giak stats and noticed a couple things that were odd. First the 18 strength. I mean, they could be strong, but I doubt the average giak is as strong as the strongest of humans, unless I'm missing some passage that illustrates this.

Second, they have +4 to attack and only +1 to damage. With the 18 listed strength shouldn't they have +4 to both? Of course, the d20 rules might have changed from what I'm used to in Lone Wolf.
The statistics listed for any creature are generally not the "average" for such beasts; they are the ones best used for combat. In the case of the Giaks, the 18 indicates that when Giaks are encountered in combat, they are typically the strong warrior types. You are of course free to change this, but that was the intent behind the listing.

Ok, I guess I'm just too used to the DnD paradigm where the listed stats are the average stats. Thanks August.

About the novels... I read one or two but I just couldn't take anymore of the non-Lone Wolf scenes, and when it was starring him he seemed like an angsty teenager at my high school. :roll:
Yep, just an error. These thing's happen, especially when you are crunching a LOT of numbers. :)

To explain this one, I originally had the Giak with a 12 Strength (+1), but after going back and doing more research it just did not feel right. The bonus was never shifted back, sadly.

I'm pretty sure there's something funky like that with the Drakkarim, too, or at least the Drakkarim Captain; I worked up an NPC for my first "book"/adventure and ran into that. I'll have to go back over my notes to remember exactly what, but it was something obvious.

Though of course, you could simply run it as a "feature". ;) Maybe they get a penalty due to being poor tacticians, or it's all wiry strength and grip; good for stamina and fancy tricks, bad for hitting things with heavy metal. They're only something like 1/2 CR anyway, right?