Giak miniatures landing rules?



Is there anyone who has thougt about how to simulate aerial attacks by Giaks who are dropped from Kraans?... that´s to say, where to place them in the boardgame when they fall from the sky?
Just drop them from a few feet above the tabletop and see where they land... :)

Or use a deviation/scatter die (or any other method to generate a random direction). Mark the place where all the Giaks transported by one Kraan are supposed to land. Then, for each Giak, roll the deviation die and, say, a d6. Place the Giak a number of inches equal to the number roled with the d6 in the direction indicated by the deviation die. Repeat it for every Giak in the landing group.

As an optional rule, you could say that if a "6" is rolled with the d6 the Giak has broken his neck and didn't suvive the landing.