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Battle-hardened from their activities in the Spanish Civil War, the army and air force of Germany in the Second World War was prepared to handle any enemy, and their pace of innovation was extensive. From small armoured cars to some of the most famous tanks of the entire war, the development of German vehicles was methodical and effective.

This supplement for Traveller introduces many vehicles that formed the fighting arm of Germany in the Second World War, and provides full details of each, allowing them to be used within games. The weapons unique to Germany are also covered, along with enough information for you to use them in your own campaigns and vehicle designs. You can grab a copy at;

Uses in Traveller
The vehicles found in this book could potentially form the basis of a campaign set in the Second World War. They may also be of interest to those who are simply curious as to how real-world vehicles can be implemented using the Traveller vehicle design system. However, we suspect many more players will want to actually use them in their games, even on planets far in the future and hundreds of light years away!

We have provided game mechanics for many vehicles, from the humble BMW R75 motorcycle with sidecar, to the mighty Tiger II but, at the end of the day, a Tiger II need not look like a Tiger II if it were built to these specifications on an alien world. It could end up looking very different but have the same characteristics listed in this book. By this token, what this book provides is a solid set of military vehicles available at Tech Level 5. A referee can use them to fully flesh out a military force on a Tech Level 5 world and provide interesting variations on themes in order to give his world more depth.

For example, a referee creating a military force for a new world may simply design a single main battle tank for it before moving on to the artillery piece, the fighter plane, and so on. With this book, he can present a military force that has a defined timeline with the development of its vehicles, so there is not just one main battle tank but several, each a replacement of the one before though with all still in service, with the very best units getting the latest generation of tank.

Players can have fun with this book as well, especially if they are engaging in paramilitary actions or running their own mercenary force. What this book will provide them is a list of Tech Level 5 vehicles that, while outmatched by more sophisticated enemies, will be perfectly serviceable (and at a cheaper price!) on more primitive worlds and will be capable of standing up against infantry from higher Tech Levels – at least, until plasma weaponry and missiles become prevalent.

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Excellent, I was thinking of doing an Alternate History Time traveller campaign with Solomani Agents from the future influencing the Third Reich. A few "superweapons" from the future are unleashed in the Battle of the Bulge, but there will be plenty of the old stuff on the battlefield as well. Is their going to be a companion piece called "Allied Vehicles of WWII", so we can play both sides of the battlefield?

Tom Kalbfus

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Yes, i am working on it as i write this :)
The "Mirror Universe" is what would result if the Solomani Agents succeeded, Other agents from the future are trying to stop this, if they succeed what would result would be a hybrid world that is halfway between the classic Traveller timeline and what the Solomani agents want to create, with a much earlier expansion into space in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

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Banded Mongoose
The book includes the Maus, but not the 'paper' tanks like the E100.

But, if you ask nicely :) , and i have the time i could stat that monster up