GenCon Indy Goers...time to be heard


Hey all. So, as the resident Mongoose that lives the closest to Indianapolis and ALWAYS goes to GenCon, I was very happy to see that an article on the convention was penned in the very popular "Indianapolis Magazine"...

...until I read it.

You can find said article here:

It is one of the most atrociously stereotypical view on our industry and our fans, biased beyond belief, and full of terminology that I would scold a young child for using to describe anyone in jest...let alone in a professional publication.

What I ask is that anyone who has a modicum of care for their fellow gamers or the gaming industry as a whole is pick up a pen or dust off their keyboard and let Indianapolis Magazine know how their article effects us. I mean, we brought roughly $25 million to their city over those four days for the past three years running now...the least they can do is give us back a little respect and dignity concerning something that many of us are personally and professionally passionate about.

I thank you all for your time, and hope that this callout for a bit of gamer-action finds its way into mailing lists, forums and personal e-mails until they quite understand the erroneous and foolish mud-rake they have committed.

Thanks again,
Bryan Steele
Mongoose Publishing
[AgeofEmpires2]Sure, blame it on your ISP[/AgeofEmpires2]

I really wish I could go to Gencon; in my gap year I'm going to earn some money and then I'm going to come over and go on a convention crawl :twisted:
I live in Kokomo, IN and there's usually a short article in our local paper but never anything derogitory. Leave it to the high and mighty Indianapolis Magazine to smear us.
We've been fuming about that over in the Gen Con foums since it came out. I even sent in a response to the magazine itself. It's pretty sad when the convention that brings in more money to the city than any other convention they host gets slammed.