Gauging Interest in a quality non-Glorantha MRQ Setting


I'm starting this thread to judge potential interest amongst MRQ fans regarding a quality non-Glorantha setting.

I am currently reworking my homebrew campaign setting to make it ready for publication. It has been the homeworld of my D&D campaign for years but needed to be heavily houseruled in the D&D rules to support a setting that had more in line with the fantasy fiction of REH, Tolkien and Moorcock than the whiz-bang, completely non-simulationist World of Dungeons and Dragons ie. Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk.

With my new discovery of MRQ I believe I have found the ruleset I have always it helps that it is OGL. :wink: D&D 4e interested me momentarily with its new fluff and crutch, but I can't shake the feeling that D&D 4e is just a fantasy superhero game (unless it is houseruled to allow for a 200' fall to be automatically lethal for characters of any HP total for example). I am tired of having to either houserule or ignore rules to make D&D what I want it to be.

I have always DM'd story based adventures that only very rarely were motivated by "Killing things and taking their stuff." Only with the advent of my discovery of RPing Message Boards did I learn that most D&D gamers have elevated that style of play to "Quintessential D&D."

There is too much powergaming, min-maxing, optimizing, fantasy=absurdity arguments and far, far too little concern for role-playing and character development outside of combat. Roll-playing used to be a term, like munchkinism, that referred to a frowned upon style of play. In the 3e era, there are arguments that have elevated roll-playing as equal to role-playing in a role-playing game. I have had it personally and am thrilled to have found Runequest. More than ever D&D is becoming a tactical miniatures game with movement now turning to squares as opposed to feet. I thought that this nonsense died with AD&D but WoTC hs to sell its minis line. :cry:

Enough of my rant, just had to ge that off of my chest. I feel much better now. :)

I love the world building aspect of setting creation and am attempting to create a believable, complex and compelling setting that has familiar elements with great depth and new elements that don't make the setting seem alien like Talislanta.

I estimate it'll take at least another year before the setting is completed, maybe even two. This is a homebrew I have been running for years and it's going to take time to polish up, create pro-quality maps, etc.

I'm coming for you Glorantha. :wink:

Well, i would be intrested currently preparing my "own" setting. I have never been an Gloranta fan. I like some parts but not the hole thing..
so i would at least be curius..
Let just say the more there is out there for MRQ, the more it adds to the community, and the more the community will grow. So I am interested to see what you have.
I am the type of guy who will buy just about anything RPG-related. So if you have an interesting setting, I might be interested.

That said, what I am looking for now is something outside of the normal "Heroic Fantasy" venue. For example, a setting like that used in The Golden Compass would be excellent. There is a lot of imagination space out there that has not yet been explored.
Go for it.

I'm sure people will buy it.

There are people like me who try and buy as much as possible. Where I can, I try and buy things from independent publishers as they are normally cheap and useful.

Whether you can make a living out of it, or even a profit, I wouldn't have a clue. You'd have to ask the good people at Sceaptune Games, Goblinoid Games, Ronin Arts or Paulo (RosenMcStern) to see if they are making anything out of the games. As PDFs don't cost anything to actually produce and they can be sold using sites such as DriveThruRPG and Lulu, I would guess that they should break even.

So, go for it.
I'll offfer the opposite point of view.
What is there about your setting that would make me want to use it over any of the other published settings - Glorantha, Elric, Lankhmar, Hawkmoon, Stupor Mundi, etc etc, or creating my own?
Well, I'd be interested in seeing it. And I'm with Magistus, the more the merrier.

Unlike the previous post, I'll counter the argument of, "What has your campaign got to offer that published ones don't?" with the idea, quite simply, that it is your creation, and you will likely get fulfillment out of committing it to a form which can be shared with others. If it happens to appeal to others, then that's an extra bonus.

I say this only because I labored under the impression that my own setting was "my own," and that outside of my players who got to experience it directly, no one else would really be all that interested in reading about it. I eventually put it up as a free pdf on my web page, and it turns out to have been very popular, and I get a lot of commentary on it. I'm working on a Runequest edition myself, that I plan to stick on eventually as a result.