Gangsters from Sector 21


Don Donald Corneyholy - aka The Grudfather. Aged, mobster, given to talking in rasps. A particually deadly man to cross, his age renders him somewhat dated and old fashioned. A cunning, and intelligent thinker, The Don approches matters rationally, and with great consideration, much like a chess player.

Leo de Capo - Personal advisor to the Don, a consiglire and son-in-law, the aged mobster, Leo is not suited to commanding men, but has long since given up the idea of running the family. Leo is a arch-machivellian, with contacts across the whole city, with a lot of 'out of town' friends to back him up. Incidently Leo also owns a Casino, and has a blitzer agency, no one else is aware of. Leo also funds an assassin outfit, operating as a Rysek-Home (the equivilant of a funeral home).

Jimmy the Fix - Cool-Rasta 'mr fixx it', and music entrepeneur. Jimmy serves Leo and the familys needs directly specialising in sorting out trouble within the family, as well as clearing up after trouble. Jimmy is a squave, and deadly character, with a trigger temper, and a tendency to overkill. Not helped when his girlfriend Ramona, who happens to be the Dons neice, has a tendency to put it about town....

Sharp Xappata Xen - Fixer from Hondo, and black tech bootlegger. Where Jimmy deals with problems internal to MC-1, Xapattia is the man who deals with the outsiders, whether its arrange planes and pick ups for coke runs, or bribing officals, to putting synth-horse heads in movie mens beds, the Silver suited Xappata is the Dons man. Recently his life has been plauged by the arrival of his teen-bop cousins Mai-ling and Mau-ze, who are more trouble than a bad deal...

Fern Soloman - The secret siren, sexy as hell, and twice as dangerous, Fern Soloman is one of the few fully qualified Jimps in town, those in the know refer to her as Judge Horny, after an incident involving a dare, in which she jimped her way into the sector house, with a comedy Judge Horny badge. Know to be the most lethal person to cross Fern enjoys the power and freedom, of being both wealthy and respected (arguably more than any Judges). She has recently fallen in love with an upcoming perp by the name of Uri Feller, a psyker in the Hammer family, putting Uri in a particually dodgy position.... Fern also owns her own front, Personal Services, consisting of five hit men (led by Halo Phonic).

The Falsetto Family, Led by Antony 'Big Hands'Falsetto. Other notables include Al (runs the protection rackets), Big Al (friendly uncle Blitzer) Lara Toff (stripper gombah of Tony and upcoming hood), Silver (bodyguard and hitman), Dante (Big Al's second). Operating through Grunge-N-Grind (Re-Syck management), Capitol Tops Construction and Jugglers Bare and Grin (strip bar and restuarant), in addition Big Al owns Al Patched Chinos, the Little Italy restaurant next to Jugglers. The Falsetto family also includes a number of smaller krewes, including Michella 'two times' Hammers gang (Lucky Uri Feller, Buggsy Shade Lazarus, Johnny the Claw Falsetto, Babs 'wheels' Cordon, Wipeout (decelased) Alison 'Brains' Stien (deceased), Samdamella 'Filthy' Santiago, Curisano 'the dentist' Lono, Alaska 'meep' (biotech experiment) and the Lazarus touch (a six girl nude volley ball team - don't ask). They have associates in drug dealing, prostitution, porno, extortion, and smuggling (and are my players gang)

Frank 'Speedy' Reed-Richards - Texan city failed cadet, came to the Meg with 3 pounds in his pocket, but it was choice gear. Runs a number of rental agencys (Speedy Motors and Speedy Rentals, along with an import/export specialist motor business. Has a number of interests, Urban Rustlers (heist and car theft), Spaced Cowboys (Drug Dealing) and 7th Calvary (Blitzers). As an independent Frank carries less authority, and takes a back seat often to the more obvious hoods. A very close friend of Big Hands Tony, Frank daughter was gunned down by the Scabies hood, Snake Eyes Sammy (mutie) by mistake.

Britty Boy Boydd - Brit City emegree, heavily involved in smuggling (contraband and people), operates through a number of bars and shuggy halls, and now his girl friend Anna Quey's art gallary. Quintessential mod couple, down to the scooter... Boydd is also a lieutenant under Michella Hammer. His uncle is well known in Brit City and arranged for Boydd to come over to avoid a 'bit of trouble'

Big Boy Bernice - Large typical sterotype mafioso, of the old skool, bernice is an ageing mobster who mostly deals in dodgy motors, call girls and drug dealing. Bernice is worth a fortune, but is slowly becoming a liability. Very well liked.

Umberto Baggio - Bernices best friend, killed by his own son (on Ondelines orders), Umberto operates a drug and contraband ring, out of his well known Uncles Ices. Recently fell under the more ambitious leadership of his nephew Vincent Vegas.

Sal Theroux - Smuggler and sleeze merchant exploiter and all round bastard. His own family set him up to be taken down after numerous threats made to Pretty Boydd. Was shot and killed by Shade Lazarus and Fern Soloman. His krewe were absorbed into the other families, along with some scabies members

Jenny Ondeline - Euro-Cit catgirl and all round sugar voiced viper, possibly the biggest and baddest badass in sector, Jenny is however here at Euro-Cit representive, so needs permission for everything. Runs smuggling and imports of black tech, people, drugs and is into just about anything that can make a cred. Good friends with Shade Lazarus (who robbed one of baggios storehouses for her, and eliminated a number of his triggers), Ondeline is going places.... possibly

Long Scabies - Dispanded gang family responcible for a lot of trouble. Some members defected to the Kittens organisation, as they live under a death sentence in sector 21

The Kitten - Sinister all women gang, operating from a stronghold of Russ Meyer block... Use MWWG to build characters.

Fat Sams - Warehouse clearence - Big Guns, Small guns, long guns short guns, some guns, funny guns.... A cross between a fattie and Nick from Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels (its a deal, its a steal in fact its sale of the f**king centuary, which makes me wonder, why the f**k am I selling it to you).
Very cool info. Thanks Hass.

One question though... you mention that The Kitten was made using MWWG to build the characters... what is MWWG?

MWWG = Macho Women With Guns

It's a one shot book published by Mongoose (a reprise in fact).
Very good stuff BTW. For more info :
Looks interesting, but a little expensive for the limited use I could put it to. I might look for a copy on eBay sometime. Thanks for the info though.