Gaim stats in League Book incomplete


The description of the different breeds in the book is pretty unsatisfactory.
There are no pictures AND the descriptions are very general saying nothing about the number of limbs and if they have "hands". For example: From the information in the whole chapter I can infer that Gaim Warriors are Quadrupeds, have two claw arms and two arms with a sort of hands, since they can use weapons. For the full attack option there is only info for one claw arm. What does it do with the other one. What about the "normal" arms?
The other descriptions are similarly useless. Maybe a bit more time would have helped this potentially very interesting book.
My Minbari has two hands, when he full attacks with a PPG he does not get to attack with the Hold-out in his other hand.

There are feats that one may purchase that allow one to gain use of multiple limbs in combat.

These feats vary depending on how many limbs you have but you must purchase them regardless of how many limbs you are born with.

As a point of fact you don't need the feats but your primary limb attacks at -6 and each additional limb attacks at -10.
Thanks, but that does not answer the question, since most Gaim breeds aren't humanoid and they have multiple limbs, although it isn't really said how many, probably 4 legs, 2 claw arms and 2 arms with "hands". At least the claw arms should be natural attacks, but they have multiple attacks and what about a weapon held in the "normal" pair of arms? So the info in the statistics book doesn't fit the description.
ONLY the Ambassador Gaim have 'hands' as we would call them. The Warrior Gaim are combat machines and do not need them. You are correct in thinking they have four perambulatory limbs and a pair of attack arms, but they only attack with one at a time (in the manner of a scorpion, which very rarely strike with both pincers simultaneously).

As for pictures, there are as many pictures of other Gaim breeds in the book as there were in the show. :)

MongooseAugust said:
As for pictures, there are as many pictures of other Gaim breeds in the book as there were in the show. :)

Besides, if you get to see a Gaim Warrior in action up close, then you're probably not likely to have survived the experience...
Thanks!!! Hm, so the manufactured or bio-weapons for the Warrior Gaim are somehow attached to the attack arms.

When it comes to pictures, I wouldn't have minded drawn or CGI pictures. Pictures make such a book much more useful, since you have something to show to your players especially if the description is very general.
Correct. For a Warrior Gaim, its bioweapons are attached extensions of its arms. As for general descriptions, with its speed amnd strength in battle, a quick glimpse may well be all a Player ever gets to see... Heh. :)
Out of curiosity, I assume that the Gaim have some sort of gripping appendage, if not a hand-style what form does it take? 3-clawed pinchers would work fairly well, better than a "traditional" two-piece claw for handling unwieldy objects.