Fund Raising for R Biggs Memorial (Dr Franklin)

Mongoose Si

I'm sure most of you know the terrible news that Richard Biggs, who portrayed Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, passed beyond the rim on May 22, 2004 leaving two very young children. A memorial fund has been set up to provide for their education.

In an effort to raise money for this fund, there is a fund raising raffle where you can buy chances to win one or more of 6 great prizes packages. Chances will be priced $5 each, 3 chances for $10, 6 chances for $20 or 10 chances for $30. Each chance can be designated for whichever drawing the buyer wants.

Prize Packages:

#1- 'From the Set I' to include David Gerrold's own "Believers" script
autographed by the author, cast and director; a set dressing cocktail napkin; a piece of Crusade stationery

#2 - 'From the Set II' to include set-used blueprints from episode #312-'A Late Delivery from Avalon'; a set-used thieves knife from Crusade/A Call to Arms; a piece of Babylon 5 stationery.

#3 - 'The Lighter Side' to include the 'bird' picture of the cast with some
autographs; Babylon Park video and t-shirt; a selection of satire prints by Tye Bourdenay, signed by the artist.

#4 - 'Art of B5' to include a painted portrait of Dr. Franklin, a limited
edition print of Londo & G'Kar; the 'War Without End' lithograph from
Lightspeed Fine Arts.

#5 - 'Autographs' - a collection of pictures and cards autographed by major players (JMS) to minor players (Security Guard #1) - 28 autographs in all.

#6 - 'Models, Cards & Games' to include a Special Edition Starfury model kit, a Babylon 5 Station model kit, several CCG and trading card sets and a Babylon 5 Board Game.

You can buy chances in person at DragonCon, or online at (payments are made via PayPal).
Definitely a worthwile thing here. I'm writing mostly so that this stays towards the top of the forums and everyone has a chance to see it.
Just a correction to my original post. You will not be able to purchase chances at DragonCon since they do not allow this sort of thing :( But you can of course still use the website.