From Shamar to Khorshemish


Some may think this slightly pedantic for a first post, but I am generally perplexed. On page 252 of the 1st Edition Conan RPG it states about Shamar,

"Around the city are broad level plains, and beyond the plains low level hills to the north and west. A determined rider could push a fast horse to get from Shamar through Ophir to Korshemish, capital of Koth, in only twelve hours or so. Shamar to Tarantia is fully five days' ride."

When looking at the inside map of The Road of Kings, I find that Tarantia seems almost half the distance from Shamar, compared to the twelve hour journey to Korshemish. Baring in mind travelling in hills will slow a rider down, this still can't be accurate, surely? As I have little awareness of how far a horse could travel in a day, this seems confusing to me. Is it me, or are the facts incorrect?

This also brings me to the broader question of where could I find travelling distances using Horses, Wagons and other creatures? I've yet to run a game, but am unable to find non game mechanic move rates. Any advice?

Phew! Who would ahve thought such a simple question could create such a long post!?



Overland routes are almost NEVER in straight lines. Rivers require bridges or ferries or fords to cross, and you might have to go way out of the way to get to one. So, remember, when looking at the Hyborian map, the rivers you see are the big ones. The Niles and Mississippis and Columbias and Amazons and Rhines. What you don't see are the hundreds of smaller rivers that are maybe only 75-150 feet across but are no less an obstacle that requires a bridge, ferry, or ford.

Steep hills need to either be bypassed or there needs to be a traversable pass to cut through. Again, a detour might be required.

Horses travel about 30-35 miles a day depending on weather, terrain, load, and other conditions. But travelling from City A to City B will almost never be in a straight line. You need to go to the bridge at point C, then around the hills and forest, then meander along another small river until you get to point D to ford across, then it's a straight shot to City B.


Of course. The fact it would be difficult to travel in a straight line didn't actually occur to me. I think I need to put these books down and take some sleep...

Still, does anyone know a chart or table with accurate creature and/or vehicle movements on?

Lucius, who's feeling rather dim at this point :roll: