[Freelance Traveller] July/Aug 2019 POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD!


Cosmic Mongoose
The July/August 2019 issue of Freelance Traveller is posted and ready for download!

This issue is a Feature Issue, with a focus on the Squeedle, a little squid-like animal created as part of Timothy Collinson's Traveller Adventure campaign. You'll find a description of the squeedle (Less Dangerous Game), some instructions for making stuffed squeedle toys out of yarn (The Prep Room), an Imperial Security report where they play a part (Kurishdam), a recipe (The Freelance Traveller Cookbook), and even a drawing of one on the cover!

The rest of the issue has the usual mix of stories, characters, house rules, adventures, Stuff to use in your adventures, and reviews, including a review of Agent of the Imperium, by Traveller's own Marc Miller!

Download it now at the usual place:

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