Free Short Adventure



I have a short adventure for first level characters all written up with stats etc. If anyone would like a copy (2 MS Word files, ZIPPED) send me an e-mail at:

It's called "Vultures of the Eastern Desert" and contains a visit to the Oasis of the Damned.
SlaughterJ is right, but I sent you an e-mail regardless, as I'd love to see the adventure ASAP. :D


The d20 Conan Yahoo group has apparently gone the way of the dodo. I was enrolled in it, but Yahoo now says it doesn't exist...
I've joined the group, thanks for the invitation, and the adventure is uploaded there. I'll still send it by e-mail on request.
BTW, I had some problems printing out the custom-sized creature stats doc, so I uploaded a 8 1/2 x 11 version to the ConanD20 group.
I might have to go get it from the Yahoo! club, as I'm at work and cannot access my private e-mail... :p


I guess I should have said that the stat blocks for the creatures and NPC's were meant to be printed out on 4x6 cards. I stat all my dudes on 4x6 cards and keep them in a file box. I find that the cards make GMing easier, you can keep a whole pile of them in your hand at once. Also, once I've stated something and printed it onto a card, I put it into a card box, sorted by category, which makes on the fly adventures easier (Once I've gotten a good stack of cards ready).
Just joined the yahoo group yesterday. So far (and judging by the dates of previous messages) it seems to be a very low traffic group. Anyways I'll be sure to check out DrSkull's adventure.
Hey Dr Skull, check out my Hawks over Shem! thread for an alternative approach to your adventure setting:
I noticed you were from Dallastown PA...I'm from near Scranton PA...