Free Online Game "Kings of Chaos"


I'm here to present a game called "Kings of Chaos"

It's a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or Online RPG's ... and best of all , it's free and very good to kill some of your free time ;)

The game has been build programmed some over 2 years ago , and the programmers brought out a little movie to promote their game, and I though I'd give that link once aswell, since it's hilarious :p
KoC Movie :

Joining the Game

Click following link , click on the number it the picture shows , and then click on "Join The War"

Then you'll have to register and once registered, you can login to the game.

You will see you have a commander , someone above you who is supposed to guide you through the game , and just send him a message saying you need some help and information about the game.

He will pass you some links and information about how the game works and how you got to play it ... and eventually you'll see if you really like it or not ;)

It's worth giving a try I'd say !!