Free Companies errata


On page 74 I found some missing text.

After this: "When they do so, they gain the following role action:" under the ballista description, I think we don't have at least the ballista stats.

Could someone help me¿
I know. Free Companies is my least favorite of the Conan RPG books because of its shoddy editing. Some more info can be found in the Conan Mass Combat PDF on the Conan products download page.

At the bottom:
Don't forget Scrolls of Skelos :) That book has some horrid stat block errors on almost every page.

But I digress.

Personally, I like the narrative combat system, unless of course you're running a table-top miniatures battle. Narrative works best for if the PC's are just soldiers in the army, while the mass combat minis rules are probably best left if the PC's are commanders
I posted this a while back - many questions on Free Companies, and never an answer from Mongoose. In fact, there hasnt been a single official response to _any_ Conan question on the Rulesasters forum.

I have read through Free Companies and I had a few questions:

1) Page 44, Zingaran man at arms: what is the typical weapon ?

2) Pg 43, Zamoran Harriers: left column, top of the page there is an incomplete sentence in the first complete paragraph: "They........"

3) Pg 49, for the Knowledge (Warfare) skill, do you need 5 ranks of this skill AND 5 ranks of Knowledge (Tactics) to get the synergy bonus ?

4) Pg 83, Loft to the Sky spell - can this be used on an animate object - in other words instead of lobbing something at someone, lobbing the someone 400 feet up into the air ?

5) Pg 85: The Deafening seige ammunition seems to imply the existance of Thunderstones as per the core DnD rules ("Deafening catapault loads deliver massive thunderstones..."). True ?

6) Pg 74: Under Ballista, the description was cut off after "When they do so, they gain the following role action:....."

Regarding siege weapons, what feat covers thier use ? Exotic weapon ? Martial ?


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Saving Throw: none.
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