Free Adventure - conan and the shadow of Thantos



I've been working on this for a bit now

Please feel free to download and use/adapt for your games.

And I can do some maps, but I have no mapping software so they would just be hand drawn then scanned.
I also did not include any art, I have no original artwork and can't draw to save my life.

It was designed to be the same size as a published adventure book, so I hope you enjoy.

I'm interested in peoples comments. If you like it please say so. If you hate it, then keep quiet :D

ricardo440 said:
I'm interested in peoples comments. If you like it please say so. If you hate it, then keep quiet :D

Thanks for sharing. Have downloaded it and will try to give some feedback after I have read through it.

- thulsa
just starting to read through it, and some paragraph indents would be nice. (hehe)

Yeah, there's some other layout things I'd suggest. Bullets would be nice, like in the "Involving the players" section, to differentiate between each entry. Making the first time a name is mentioned bold emphasises it nicely too, and keeps it in the mind of the reader, as does making sub-headings bold or in slightly larger type (like the sub-heading "The Thantos Cult" on that same page).

I've got Acrobat Pro her at work and it probably wouldn't take long at all to go through and make some tweaks if you're okay with me doing it. I don't mind and it's sort of what I do for a living (graphics and layout). :wink:
Very cool adventure, thanks for posting it. I read it through last night and it looks great. I think more of us should write and post our own adventures like this. And, of course, when I say "us", I mean all of YOU more talented and experienced people. :D

I am utter pants at graphic design and stuff like that.
Anything you did would be greatly appreciated.

I wrote it in word using styles etc... Perhaps if you did something you could provide me with the style sheet so I could apply it to conan documents.

I will get those maps done today, I promise.
Busy today, but I'll see what I can manage over the weekend. I can definietly redraw the maps ans stuff.
Warning Spoiler Alert! Plot and details follow!

Finished reading your adventure ricardo440 and it needs some editing but altogether it's a good adventure. Thinking about it, the PC's really have a lot of freedom in how to figure out the cultists whereabouts which could really be interesting to see what they would come up with. Getting them to take the carrot - as you say - would be the thing. But, you offer some great ideas about that. It has a decidedly D & D flair to the the adventure especially when the cultists facade is revealed as a sham. But the GM can definitely work with the great groundwork you've established. I'll work on some ideas and share them if you want. The Experiment is a great monster to make the PC's think fast! Thank you for sharing this adventure - you did great!
Also A spoiler:

I wanted the Experiment to be very very lovecraftian. It is pretty much a shoggoth really.

If you wish to share ideas feel free to post them here or even send me a PM.

Thanks for sharing your work, man! I've just d/l and began perusing it. Have not had a chance to try and run it yet, but will provide feedback when I do.

Nice format and pretty extensive. Will write more when I get a chance to look at it in more depth... have to run.