Frazetta's CONAN illustrations


Banded Mongoose
As far as I understood earlier threads on this forum, the artist Frazetta made some great covers for a CONAN series in the 70s. I looked for a collection of these pictures, but couldn't find a CONAN-specific volume (but several other Frazetta volumes). Could someone please direct me to such a cover-collection (if it exists at all).

Thanks for your help!
dont know of any books :? years ago I collected some collector cards of his art and there was a lot of the conan stuff there sorry cannot be more help :evil:
BTW, here's a good collection of Frazetta's art for anyone needing some inspiration for gaming ideas;
If you want more inspirations, here is a link to the site Boris Vallejo, a great Sword & Sorcery artist.
Here's a few other collections;

Ken Kelly,

Luis Royo,

And a collection of various Conans;
toothill man said:
thanks terry got a ISBN number for that makes it easier to order 8)

Is it this:

Icon: A Retrospective by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art
ISBN: 1887424717
Not sure how much it'll set you back now . I was lucky to pick up a copy from a remainders type shop about 3 years back - very cheap . I think a new edition is now out .