found reasonable resin terrain for sst games


Found this while surfing. They have some really good stuff.
The terrain looks good, so does the price.

Anyone out there bought from them?

Their web page doesn't give any info and isn't very professional looking from someone wanting to make money. Looks like it was made in about 1995.

Bought them at Gen Con, at the Red Shirt Games booth. From what I've heard they bought some or all of the Armorcast molds. From what I've seen they're the same resin material, and so far same quality that I've had from Armorcast, but actually cost less. Some of the stuff he's selling looks new, as in I've never seen it in the Armorcast catalog.

I've been waiting for this guy to get his website up and start selling again. Bought a bunch of his modular buildings to complete the bundle of upper story Armorcast pieces.

Here's a pic I took of my Rezolution layout we played at Gen Con Saturday night. The unfinished pieces were these War-Torn stuff. The finished pieces are the Armorcast stuff.

I've got a lot of this resin urban ruins stuff and really enjoy using it for lots of my games. The platforms I had bought just before Armorcast closed up shop, and I really love the 3rd dimension these provide. War-Torn had more of these, which I would have bought, but I was already going over my limit and I really needed more of the ramps more than the platforms.


The ramps have little tabs in them that allow figures with 25mm bases to be held in place as they go up and down the ramps.



Anyways, I've always been a big fan of Armorcast resin terrain and hoped that someone would buy their molds and put them back into production again. Looks like it's the case, granted they're probably small and just getting started but from the pieces I've received they're the same Armorcast quality I've loved and at a lower cost.