For Immediate Release - OGL Horror: CHOMP! (TM)

Kiln Publications

For Immediate Release

May 13, 2004

In the not so distant future the food chain becomes totally disrupted… From Kiln Publications, the makers of CyberNet: 2087 ™, comes CHOMP! ™. CHOMP! ™ is an all-new zombie RPG sourcebook which is fully licensed by Mongoose Publishing for use with their OGL Horror book. The world of CHOMP! ™ will not be a friendly place. Not only will you have to survive with the flesh eaters that roam the streets but also power hungry individuals, crazy militia groups, and many other people that are all looking for the same thing: survival.

In CHOMP! ™ players can take the roles of many different individuals such as a soldier, a medically trained person, a scientist, mechanic, even a redneck as well as other classes. The zombies will have many different types as well to reflect the different versions seen in the zombie movie genre. There will be types based on Romero’s Dead Trilogy, the Evil Dead Trilogy, and some of the newer movies coming out such as Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

The sourcebook will also contain sections on weapons, equipment, and regional areas that are affected differently by the zombie outbreak for individual campaigns.

The book will be a 128-page perfect bound book and will have a full color cover and black and white interior. The retail price will be $19.95 (US). A 64-page supplement “Siege on Pittsburgh” will also be available which will have campaign material for those wishing to play in the Pittsburgh area, which the first two George Romero zombie movies were based on. These will include maps and information based on the area. The supplement will sell for $14.95 - but if purchased with the sourcebook it will be only $10.00.

CHOMP! ™ and “Siege of Pittsburgh” are scheduled to debut them at the 2005 Pittsburgh Comic Con. Stay tuned for regular updates!
Don't worry my "fiends" there will be enough for all. I appreciate the excitement. If all goes well there will be other cities for supplemental material and don't think Europe is getting out of this one....

John Dee

*Chambers a round in his shotgun*

You chomping varmints better stand back because I'm having this game, not you.



I'll use my +4 Keen Chain Saw and my +4 Double Barrel Remington of Accuracy to hack, shoot and maim you all so I can get there first!


Mythos said:
Golem2176 said:
CHOMPing on everyones flesh so I can get it first!
You can chomp, nibble and bite all you want to. I'm willing to tear, rend and sunder to my copy.

Hey Mythos... there's a fair chance that we'll get the opportunity to playtest CHOMP! (TM) here in Columbus... before it releases! Partially because I'm helping wth some of the content!

Here's hoping you get that OGL group together as mentioned on the other thread! :D

- Stratos


There is currently a 20-odd page thread on WOTCS D20 Modern forum discussing recreating the feel of Zombie Games.

Liek any public conversation, some of it is drek, but a lot of it should give any zombie fan some food for thought.

Zombie Horror Thread


Zombies,zombies everywhere and with no gun in sight.. I can't wait for CHOMP! but, can I be honest for a second, as a advid Zombie horror buff (20 + years of Zombies) I have seen movies that range from GREAT **DAWN OF THE DEAD** to oh my god, I can't believe I rented that piece of poo ( Vampires Vs. Zombies ) and I hope, no I pray that chomp delivers more then All flesh must be eaten. What's wrong with AFMBE? well, no matter how you do a campaign the pcs and the Gamemaster will grow bored (which happened to me, I ran a game for 2 years and it was becoming like "oh..a zombie..roll dice... dead zombie..etc". Even when you throw a twist into it (using one or two of the deadworlds,etc) it still shambled into boredom. If I can suggest a few things for the CHOMP! book :

(1) go beyond the Romero zombie (Shoot em in the head)
(2) Humans were the biggest threat to the survivors in the original DOTD, and they as a NPC should not be down played.
(3) I wanna PLAYTEST!!!!
Thanks for the tips...
(1) I agree, too easy for some, might work well for others. There will be variations of this for everyone.

(2) I definitely agree, there will be some nasty NPC's to deal with.

(3) Definitely will keep yoou in mind!