Fomorian Pictures???

Some Pirates from the Dead Man's Chest movie have a very Formorian feel to their appaerance, even though that is not the case.

If that's what you are looking for.

If you can't find any from the Slaine comics

There some good pictures of them from the Molach book and also on the front cover of Tara. Actualley there are good pictures of them pretty much all the way through that series.

Other wise, I don't know what you are looking for in terms of pictures.
Probably not the best exmaple, but they are formorians.
Here another, although I not sure why they labeled it Formorians. They look more like Goblins N Faeries.

Also I had put up a picture a wall painting of the god Dagon on another thread awhile back.
Look up Bernie Wright on Google under images.

He's done some great pictures of Werewolves, scaly sea monsters, and the swamp thing.

Here's example of some of his work.

liked the pic of squid/scale bloke.

But cant find the website via google.

Got a hyperlink?? or ww address.

Got random rubbish on images and loads o stuff RE Bernie Wright footballer aka 'the bolt'. Dunno why the nickname either shot it too kwik:) or eats fast :)

Cheers for everyones feedback though........

Much appreciated.
Sorry , wrong name.

It's Bernie Wrightson.

Here's a hyperlink.
After seeing Dead Man's Chest I would like to reieterate that I think that Davey Jones character and his demonic pirate crew had a very Formorian appearance about them. At three quarters of the way into the movie I had come to the conclusion that they were more less cursed pirates that were afflicted with the diffrents parts of variuosly different sea creatures growing on their bodies. Like the Sea-Devil variety of formorians.
loved the film and their is real gold to plunder in whelk man and that hammer head crew member also like the way the kraken was summoned and how it was a real deep sea/deep one feel to those scenes 8)
See how they could have almost have been just like the 'Dred of Northern Europe' Golamh and Odacon and the others from Slaine : Books of Invasion.

The Kraken, reminds me of the Sarlaac from 'Return of the Jedi'. Albeit in dryer conditions.
Have you tried doing up some Formorian artwork yourself? Maybe there are folks on here that could do up some sketches for you to use. Anything your looking for a NPC baddie?