Fleet allocation points

How seems the PL lvl table to you?

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How about this for Fleet allocation points:

Armageddon lvl = 18 pts x 5 = 90 pts = 5 Armagedon lvl game
War lvl = 12 pts x 5 = 50 pts = 5 War lvl game
Battle lvl = 6 pts x 5 = 30 pts = 5 Battle lvl game
Raid lvl = 4 pts x 5 = 20 pts = 5 Raid lvl game
Skirmish lvl = 2 pts x 5 = 10 pts = 5 skirmish lvl game
Patroll lvl = 1 pts x 5 = 5 pts = 5 patroll lvl game

So for instance:
A 5 pts War lvl game = 50 pts
=> 1 Armagedon lvl ship (18 pts) ex: Warlock
=> 2 Battle lvl ships (2x6 = 12 pts) ex: 2 Omega's
=> 3 Raid lvl ships (3x4 = 12 pts) ex: 2 Nova's & 1 Hyperion
=> 3 Skirmish lvl ships (3x2 = 6 pts) ex: 1 Olympus & 2 Artemis
=> 2 Patrol lvl ships (2x1 = 2 pts) ex: 2 Thetys cutters

Total = 50pts, 11 Ships and fairly balanced I would say.

Wat do you think?
Calistan said:
The only issue is that it does not resolve the problem of ships that are too powerful for their PL.

Exactly. Converting PL to points is meaningless.

Still think the best way to do it is start with a point value calculated statistically based on the stats of the ship. Then play test it to make sure it fits, especially things like scouts that really arent effective by themselves.

Then assign ships a PL. Multiply cost of a ship by how far it is from the chosen battle. 0=1x +-1=1.1x +-2=1.2 etc, etc.

I would also Like to see rarity as long as we are mucking with construction rules. Common ships 40-100% of the fleet points. Uncommon 0- 40% of points. rare 0-20% of points.

I like what the priorty system is trying to accomplish. I just think it need more granularity.
Assuming that the priority levels of ships are here to stay (in regard to the comment above) - this way of dealing with values works but only at the priority level specified. The beauty of the priority level system is that it works at all sizes and priority levels of game and the lower the PL of game, the more it encourages you to take smaller ships by discounting them relative to the larger ships. A great system to encourage different fleets and in particular one that encourages "realistic" fleets for the size of battle (e.g. no flooding of space with fighters in huge War level battles). Converting ships to a points value would work but would lose the entire point of priority levels.

Balance - yes.
At the cost of "feel" - no.
Reaverman said:
Burger said:
Might want to use some words to explain what on earth all those numbers mean?
I think he's trying to recreate PL's into a point system, where you dont have PL's
Yes I got that... but it needs some words to explain what is going on. What do all those numbers mean?
I think he's just trying to add in a whole lot of needless mathematics to acheive the same result of the PL system.
Burger said:
This is the part that really confuses me:
Rynar said:
Armageddon lvl = 18 pts x 5 = 90 pts = 5 Armagedon lvl game
A 5 pts Armageddon lvl game = 50 pts

Right, made an error to my own system :oops:
had to be 5pts War lvl game = 50 pts.

The purpose of this chart is indeed to find a replacement method for the PL lvl System because I find it a bit strange and unwieldy.
(Arma lvl -> 1 Warlock = 3 Omega's / Battle lvl -> 1 Warlock = 4 Omega's, I yust don't get it :!: )
I think this method is easier to use than the current PL chart design. It gives players an absolute freedom to bring whatever kinda fleet to a battle, as long as it is whitin the beforehand agreed points limit (and in the right year especialy true for future EA fleets!).

As for the comment that it doesn't do annything about ships that are to under-or overpowered for their PL. I must say that this is a whole other point. I yust wanted to use the current system but give it players a more fluid ship selection method. :wink:

And I didn't want to create a Battlefleet Gothic fleet list.

Greetz, 8)
Reaverman said:
philogara said:
Reaverman said:
Phil you hippy! :p

:? Eh, did I just miss something.....

Sorry thought your last comment was kind of being on the middle ground, and trying to appeal to the majority :p

Calling me a politico, eh? :x

No its something I've banged on about in the past, particularly with respect to counteracting fighter swarms and hordes of one ship type (of course if you are Drazi, this is probably correct!).