I have started a new campaign recently with the adventure Flatlined and we are having a blast. I would highly recommend this as a starting adventure, especially for players new to Traveller. Here are my reasons.

1) It starts with action, and a timebound escape problem...great for dramatic tension
2) It allows rules to be introduced bit by bit
3) It provides a springboard for a campaign
4) It's effectively a locked room scenario with a small group of NPCs, one of my favourite things

I would be interested to know if anyone else has run Flatlined and what their experience is.

I think it might work as a convention game, when conventions run again.


Cosmic Mongoose
I ran Flatlined and then Gods of Marduk.

My players are creative and disciplined. This can be important and or ruinous to the Flatlined adventure. The reason I say this is that my players realized that the Creepers were homing in on emissions. So they found a spot that was low in emissions and stayed in one place for the night, reinforcing entry points and hunkering down. (The garages with any diagnostic tools removed from the building that might emit something. At the same time they had emitting areas ramped up as much as they could.

The adventure can be fairly anticlimactic if the players are disciplined enough to stick to the game plan of being quiet in one spot and not attracting attention. Their preparations of blockading the quiet area to discourage exploration by the Feeders was excellent and well thought out. A couple of the players were playing military background characters, so the concept of hiding out while the enemy are wandering around was a solid choice. (I also have a couple of real life military folk at the table, so that helped in their planning stages.)

It is an excellent adventure, but the winning strategy is to not do much to attract any attention. Find a quiet corner and wait until sunrise.


Emperor Mongoose

It really is a nicely designed little adventure. I ran it once to start off a new group of Travellers and I'm planning on running it again with an entirely new group. The second group is currently closing in on the end of the adventure, Islands in the Rift. After the conclusion of this adventure, imagine their surprise when, in the following session, they wake up in low berths on some unknown world sinking in a lake. :wink:


Its ok. The beginning part is fun. The later part could be really boring if run as written. Building defences and then....I would rather have the 'horde' like in the old classic trav adventure. Its just more fun. Many groups would just find this lacking in adventure as written, I think.
The whole concept and adventure is also very similar to marooned on marduk and I frankly felt somewhat annoyed paying for it twice.