Fitting PC for "The ragged edge"?

I will run the "ragged edge" campaign once I get the book from my dealer, but I would like to talk with my players about chacters in the mean time.

So can you tell me what kind of races, classes and backgrounds would be troublesome with the campaign?

The Ragged Edge starts with the characters being hired by a trading corporation which has a reputation for dangerous and borderline-legal jobs. Pretty quickly, they realise that they're working for what amounts to a private espionage agency.

So, the characters need to be free to join a corporation in some fashion (no Officers who are currently enlisted in a standing army or navy, no Psi Corps telepaths) and need to have a degree of flexibility (a Narn who absolutely hates all Centauri and will never ever deal with them won't work, for example). There is scope for double-dealing later on (for example, a character could be working for the Rangers, or Psi Corps, or EarthForce Intelligence as a spy inside Autumn Shipping).

Any sort of 'independant' character - a mercenary Soldier for hire, an Agent on the run, a rogue Telepath, a Trader, an exiled Narn... Autumn Shipping operates throughout known space, and employs all sorts of races and specialists.
I have one player who would like to play a Centauri telepath from one of the greater houses.
Would either the Centauri, the Noble or the Telepath be a problem, possibly busting the campaign?